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Anita Wicks RSHom RGN - Homeopathy & Nutritional therapy in Brighton and North London

Hi - I'm a Registered Insured Homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths, and a trained Nutritional therapist......

Offering Homeopathy and Nutritional therapy in Hoxton, North London (N1). & Central Brighton.

I was introduced to Homeopathy as a teenager, when my father used it to help him recover from the trauma of a road traffic accident, after which all of my family started to use it as our first choice of health care.
I was drawn to it, not only because it helped my father so much, but also for its 'holistic' approach and the importance placed on understanding each person as a unique individual. Disease affects us all differently, even if we have in common certain symptoms or diagnosis.

I particularly enjoy working with people who are on their own personal journey in life, who recognise that we are ‘beings’ with physical/mental/emotional/spiritual aspects and that these aspects are all involved in health and disease. Some organs seem to hold certain emotional vibration more than others; e.g. lungs – grief; liver & gallbladder – anger & frustration; kidneys - fear; over time if unresolved, this can manifest as physical symptoms.

I have a private practice in both locations as well as my work with Hoxton Health Holistic care, charity (see below for more details)

My Clinics are based in St Leonard's Hospital, North London, on the border of Hackney and the City of London and in Central Brighton, at the Albion Clinic, in East Sussex.
You can also see me in Brighton at my home clinic, 15 - 20 minutes walk from Brighton railway station, in Hanover close to Queens Park.

I'm part of a multi disciplinary team of complementary health practitioners at Hoxton Health Holistic Care, in Hoxton, London N1., Hoxton Health has been providing subsidised Health care for older people living in Hackney and the City of London since 1990, and is now also able to offer subsidised care for those on very low incomes of all ages.

I trained originally as a Registered nurse and am still practising part time working with people living with HIV & AID;s in a small community rehabilitation unit in Brighton.

I've been a practising Homeopath since 1990, apart from my private practice, my experience includes running a clinic in a GP practice in NE London; & providing Homeopathy for women with chronic & enduring mental health problems in a Residential rehabilitation unit & weekly drop-in centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

FOR ALL ENQUIRIES about my Private Practice or Charity projects, or if you would just like to have an informal chat, call me on 01273 699075 or click on the email link on the left hand side.
You can email me via the link below or directly on anitajrshom@yahoo.com

click here to email 01273 699075